The Fintechs

2020 VentureTech Fintechs

Congratulations Breach Clarity Best of Show 2020

2019 VentureTech Fintechs

Fintech Requirements

  • Company must be actively raising capital.
  • If selected, company founder(s) and/or CTO must attend VentureTech and present in person.
  • At least one majority owner-founder must be US citizen or Permanent resident.
  • Founders are committed full-time to the company.
  • Demonstrable product-market fit, and growth potential must be clear and well supported.
  • All Fintechs nominated by a credit union investor, angel, seed, VC fund or industry champion who are present at the event can be introduced by them if the nominator and company so chooses. 
  • Fintechs presenting at VentureTech will be chosen by a Technology Panel consisting of CTO/CIO’s in the credit union industry.
  • Applicant company information will be available only to Technology Panel selection committee members.
  • Company must not have participated in non-accredited crowd funding
Pitching at VentureTech was an incredible experience. It was our first time exploring the credit union market and we instantly felt the connection. Zogo would not be where it is today without this opportunity.


Bolun Li – CEO-Zogo Finance