The Fintechs

Fintech Requirements

  • Must be a transformative technology that will impact credit unions and credit union members.
  • If selected, company founder(s) and/or CTO must attend VentureTech and present in person.
  • At least one majority owner-founder must be US citizen or Permanent resident.
  • Founders are committed full-time to the company.
  • Demonstrable product-market fit, and growth potential must be clear and well supported.
  • All Fintechs nominated by a credit union investor, angel, seed, VC fund or industry champion who are present at the event can be introduced by them if the nominator and company so chooses. 
  • Fintechs presenting at VentureTech will be chosen by a Technology Panel consisting of CTO/CIO’s in the credit union industry.
  • Applicant company information will be available only to Technology Panel selection committee members.
  • Company must not have participated in non-accredited crowd funding

2020 VentureTech fintechs

2019 VentureTech fintechs