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VentureTech Launch(pod) is a gateway to the future, offering unparalleled insights and groundbreaking innovations from the leading fintech minds dedicated to innovating credit unions. Each episode is a journey through the latest trends, technologies, and thought leadership shaping the destiny of credit unions.

Whether you’re pioneering change within your credit union, creating the next breakthrough in fintech solutions, or simply fascinated by technological innovation, VentureTech Launch(pod) invites you to join the dialogue shaping tomorrow’s financial technology. Tune in and connect with a community that’s at the forefront of fintech innovation, dedicated to empowering credit unions and exploring the horizons of financial technology.

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Eltropy: Revolutionizing Member Experience With Digital Empathy

Ashish Garg shares his journey and passion for the credit union space, emphasizing how digitalization is reshaping member interactions. You will learn how Eltropy’s innovative platform integrates into mobile banking apps, enabling members to access a range of services via video calls, chat, and text, all powered by AI.

Discover how this technology is not only automating simple tasks but also enhancing complex member services, providing AI-assisted support to credit union staff. The conversation reveals how Elropy is bridging the gap between digital convenience and human connection, offering insights into the future of member engagement in credit unions.

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Empowering Credit Unions for the Future: A Discussion with Curql Fund Manager, Martin Walker

Join us for a chat with Martin Walker from Curql Fund. Martin discusses the vital role of credit unions as not-for-profit banking providers and the challenges they face amidst industry disruptions... He emphasizes the importance of credit unions staying relevant and thriving, highlighting how they can learn from fintechs to enhance member relationships and back-office efficiencies. Martin shares insights on Curql Fund's journey, focusing on investing in fintechs that empower credit unions with innovative solutions. The conversation also touches on overcoming fear of the unknown in fintech partnerships and how Curql Fund selects companies aligned with credit unions' mission-driven approach. This episode is a deep dive into fostering credit union growth through strategic fintech collaborations.

Silvur: Revolutionizing Retirement for Credit Union Members

In this insightful episode of VentureTech Launch(pod), we are joined by Rhian Horgan from Silvur, a company that's generating buzz for its innovative approach to retirement planning...Rhian dives into Silvur's mission to empower credit union members over the age of 50, guiding them through the complexities of retirement. She shares her personal and professional experiences that led to her deep passion for simplifying retirement processes, highlighting the challenges many face in navigating Social Security, Medicare, and savings sustainability. Silvur's focus is on demystifying retirement planning, offering a tailored, digital experience that educates members about their financial future. Rhian emphasizes the importance of personalized education, where members receive content relevant to their unique situations. This approach not only enhances members' confidence in retirement planning but also strengthens their trust in their credit unions. This podcast episode offers a compelling look at how Silvur is reshaping retirement planning, making it more accessible and understandable for credit union members. Rhian Horgan's insights demonstrate the potential for fintech solutions to significantly impact members' financial well-being and the overall success of credit unions.

Starlight's Mission to Boost Financial Wellness in the Credit Union Ecosystem

Fresh off a significant win at Money 2020, Shreenath Regunathan delves into the critical issues he's passionate about solving in the credit union space. He highlights the alarming trend of credit unions losing deposits and members to large, self-directed investing platforms... Starlight, through its innovative approach, is focused on addressing this challenge by empowering credit unions to become more relevant to their members' financial needs. Shreenath Regunathan emphasizes the importance of financial wellness, noting that a significant portion of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. By partnering with credit unions, Starlight aims to make financial wellness more accessible and help people discover and utilize available government benefits to reduce day-to-day expenses. A prime example is their work with Jane from a Brooklyn credit union, where they helped her save significantly on bills through targeted assistance, deepening her relationship with the credit union. This episode of VentureTech Launch(pod) sheds light on how Starlight is not just aiding credit unions in retaining and growing their membership but also playing a pivotal role in enhancing the financial stability of communities. Shreenath Regunathan's dedication to this cause is a testament to the potential impact of fintechs in transforming the financial landscape for the better.

DefenseStorm: Delivering Cyber Risk Readiness in Credit Unions

We welcome Steve Soukup from DefenseStorm. Steve shares his insights on a critical issue facing credit unions today: the challenge of balancing growth with cybersecurity risks. He discusses how DefenseStorm is dedicated to building a community of trust, enabling credit unions to grow and thrive securely in an ever-changing digital landscape... The conversation revolves around how credit unions, amid their growth and transformation, encounter uncertainty and risks, particularly from sophisticated cyber threats. Steve explains how DefenseStorm's approach is not just about reactive measures, but about proactively managing cybersecurity through risk assessment, real-time monitoring, and strategic planning. He illustrates this with examples of how their platform, Grid Active, helps credit unions transition from traditional risk management to a more dynamic, real-time cyber risk readiness model. By providing tools to monitor and verify the implementation of security policies, DefenseStorm ensures that credit unions can confidently tackle the challenges of digital transformation while safeguarding their members' interests. The episode of VentureTech Launch(pod) highlights the importance of cybersecurity in the current financial landscape and how DefenseStorm's innovative solutions are helping credit unions maintain trust and security in their community.

Spiral: Empowering Credit Unions to Connect with Younger Demographics

In this engaging episode of VentureTech Launch(pod), we welcome Shawn Melamed from Spiral. Shawn delves into the crucial issue of relevance within the credit union sector, emphasizing the need for credit unions to attract and retain younger members... Shawn points out the startling age disparity between credit union members and those of larger banks, and how Spiral aims to bridge this gap. Spiral's innovative approach centers on enhancing community impact and engagement, enabling members to support charitable causes directly through their financial transactions. This method not only fosters a sense of community involvement but also differentiates credit union services from traditional banking products. Shawn discusses how Spiral's platform makes charitable actions easy and integrated into everyday banking experiences, appealing to the value-driven younger generation. This podcast episode highlights the importance of credit unions showcasing their community impact and leveraging their unique position to win the trust and loyalty of a broader demographic. Shawn's insights into Spiral's strategy and its alignment with credit union values make for an informative session, offering a glimpse into the future of banking where community and impact are at the forefront.

Effectiv: Tackling the Surge of Cyber Threats in Credit Unions

In this insightful episode of VentureTech Launch(pod), we dive into a crucial discussion with Ravi Sandepudi, CEO of Effectiv, about the growing challenges of fraud in the credit union sector... Ravi, with his extensive experience of nearly two decades in fraud detection, sheds light on the alarming increase in digital fraud, particularly as credit unions rapidly transitioned online during the pandemic. Effectiv, a fraud detection software company, is at the forefront of this battle, offering cutting-edge AI-based solutions to protect credit unions and their members from sophisticated cyber threats. Ravi reveals startling statistics, noting that fraud in the U.S. amounts to a staggering 90 billion dollars, emphasizing the multifaceted impact on financial institutions beyond just monetary losses, including operational, reputational, and regulatory costs. This episode offers a compelling look into the escalating issue of digital fraud in the credit union sector and how companies like Effectiv are employing sophisticated technologies to safeguard institutions and their members. Ravi Sandepudi's insights highlight the evolving landscape of financial security and the critical role of fintech innovation in addressing these challenges.

Debbie's Mission to Transform Financial Wellness

In this insightful episode of VentureTech Launch(pod), we delve into the fascinating world of financial wellness with Rachel Lauren from Debbie. Rachel highlights the pressing issue of increasing credit card debt and the alarming decline in personal savings rates in the U.S... She discusses the failure of traditional methods in addressing these issues and introduces Debbie's innovative approach. Utilizing behavioral psychology and positive reinforcement, Debbie offers an app that rewards consumers for financially beneficial actions like debt repayment and saving. Rachel explains how Debbie not only aids consumers in their financial journey but also serves as an effective tool for credit unions to engage with their members and prospective members, fostering loyalty and promoting financial wellness. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of finance, technology, and consumer behavior.

Empowering Financial Wellness: Paperwork's Vision for Credit Union Member Wellness

In this episode of VentureTech Launch(pod), we dive into an insightful conversation with Kevin Cimring, CEO of Paperwork, about the dynamic challenges facing credit unions today. Kevin highlights the intense competition in the financial services industry, with credit unions not only vying against traditional banks but also tech giants like Amazon and Apple... Paperwork provides a turnkey financial wellness platform that helps credit unions improve their members' financial well-being, thereby aiding in membership growth and engagement. Kevin illustrates this with a case study of Baxter Credit Union (BCU), which successfully integrated Paperwork's mobile financial wellness app. This app guides users through various aspects of their financial life, from budgeting to retirement planning, while embedding the credit union's products and integrating with other financial tools like Savvy Money and TransUnion. This approach has shown great results in member satisfaction and cost-effective acquisition. Kevin also discusses the unique opportunity Venture Tech provides for fintechs and credit unions to collaborate, learn from each other, and drive the industry forward. This episode sheds light on how Paperwork is revolutionizing the way credit unions support their members' financial health and how such initiatives can lead to sustainable growth in the competitive financial landscape.

Empowering Connections: Unleashing Credit Union Potential Through Members Mobile's Phone Services

In this episode of VentureTech Launch(pod), hosts Jon Taylor and Joshua Barclay delve into a fascinating conversation with Peter Nussbaumer and Gary Brandt from Members Mobile... The duo discusses their passion for tackling two significant issues in the credit union space: member savings and engagement. Members Mobile offers a unique solution—a full 5G mobile phone service at substantially lower costs compared to traditional providers. This service not only saves members significant amounts on their cell phone bills, but it also opens a direct communication channel between credit unions and their members. Gary and Peter explore how this service can be a game-changer in member acquisition, engagement, and trust-building. They also touch on leveraging mobile services data to provide financial solutions to members, including those previously unbankable. By integrating mobile services into credit union offerings, Members Mobile envisions a new era of enhanced member relationships and expanded credit union services. Tune in to this insightful episode to understand how Members Mobile is revolutionizing member experience in the credit union industry.

TAPP Engine and Mission Federal Services: Pioneering Investment Solutions for Credit Unions

In this exciting episode of the VentureTech Launch(pod), we sit down with two influential figures in the credit union space: Will Dolan of TAPP Engine and Ron Araujo of Mission Federal Services. They delve into a crucial issue facing credit unions today - the need to grow, scale, and remain relevant in a competitive financial landscape... This podcast episode offers a deep dive into how fintech partnerships like that of TAPP Engine and Mission Federal Services are crucial in empowering credit unions to meet the evolving financial needs of their diverse member base.

Leveraging Data for Credit Union Success: Insights from Vertice Al and Wellby Financial

In this insightful episode of VentureTech Launch(pod), hosts Joshua Barclay and Jon Taylor engage in a captivating conversation with Mitch Rutledge of Vertice AI and Richard Sowell of Wellby Financial. They explore the transformative power of data analytics in the credit union sector... Mitch discusses how Vertice AI equips credit unions with the tools to analyze member data for improved service delivery, while Richard shares real-world examples of how these solutions have enhanced member engagement and financial wellness at Wellby Financial. The episode sheds light on the critical role of predictive analytics in understanding and meeting member needs and emphasizes the importance of personalization in financial services. Listen in to discover how technology is revolutionizing credit unions' approach to member relations and marketing strategies.

Transforming Loan Rejection into Opportunity: Credit Mountain's Innovative Approach for Credit Unionss

In this episode of the VentureTech Launch(pod), hosts John Taylor and Joshua Barclay sit down with Nathan Pinto and Frank Santoni from Credit Mountain. They delve into the unique challenges credit unions face when dealing with credit application rejections... Nathan and Frank share insights on how Credit Mountain is revolutionizing the credit approval process by transforming a 'no' into an informative and positive experience. They discuss the importance of personalized guidance for applicants and how Credit Mountain's technology enables credit unions to retain and support customers who were initially declined. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in innovative fintech solutions that not only enhance customer experience but also drive significant growth in the credit union industry.

Shaping the Future of Credit Unions with Strum Platform

Join us in the latest VentureTech Launch(pod), where hosts Joshua Barclay and Jonathan Taylor talk with Mark Weber and Ben Stangland of Strum Platform. This insightful discussion focuses on the evolving landscape of credit unions and how Strum Platform is at the forefront of this transformation. Mark and Ben delve into the challenges credit unions face in maintaining relevance and personalization in a rapidly changing financial environment... They share their journey of leveraging decades of experience to create a platform that uses data to foster deeper, more personalized relationships between credit unions and their members. Learn how Strum Platform's innovative approach is revolutionizing member engagement, using artificial intelligence and strategic marketing to enhance the credit union experience. The episode also explores why events like Venture Tech are crucial for fostering innovation and collaboration in the fintech space. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, finance, and customer-centric strategies. Tune in to hear how Strum Platform is changing the game for credit unions and their members.

Revolutionizing Credit Union Core Integrations with Janusea

Sit down with Kyle Stutzman and Masako Long from Janusea and delve into the pivotal role Janusea plays in solving core integration challenges within the credit union movement. Kyle and Masako discuss their commitment to empowering credit unions with greater technological choice and flexibility, enabling them to focus on member service excellence... They shed light on the difficulties faced by credit unions due to outdated core systems and how Janusea's innovative platform approach is streamlining this process, significantly reducing integration times from years to mere months. This episode is crucial for understanding the technological advancements shaping the future of credit unions, offering a glimpse into Janusea's strategy of collaboration and standardization to enhance service delivery. Tune in for a deep dive into how Janusea is not just a solution provider but a catalyst for industry-wide transformation, making technology the great equalizer for credit unions of all sizes.