About VentureTech


What is it?

An event where capital seeking Fintechs from across the US can showcase their company to investment capital from the Credit Union industry.

What to Expect

VENTURETECH is a forum for capital investment for the ENTIRE industry in one place; Credit Unions, CUSOs, Credit Union Leagues, Credit Union Venture Groups and Credit Union Companies.   

We are bringing Fintech companies from around the country to one stage and allowing accredited investors an opportunity to hear their pitch and ask questions.  We are striving to minimize geographical barriers, improve collaboration, provide an avenue for investment and build lasting relationships among investors in the industry. 

If you are a current or prospective investor, investment group, venture arm of an industry player or the head of M & A, this is an opportunity you shouldnt miss.

When and Where

VENTURETECH will be taking place November 13th and 14th at Alkami Technology located in Plano, Texas.

Pitching at VentureTech was an incredible experience. It was our first time exploring the credit union market and we instantly felt the connection. Zogo would not be where it is today without this opportunity.


Bolun Li – CEO-Zogo Finance

2019 VentureTech Attendees So Far

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Looking Glass Consulting

CU Direct

Messick, Lauer & Smith

CU 2.0

Coastal Credit Union

Carolinas Credit Union League

National Cooperative Bank

Catalyst Corporate

Best Innovation Group


Northwest Credit Union Association

Baxter Credit Union

Members Development Company

Service Credit Union


Alliant Credit Union

Tennessee Credit Union League

Georgias Own Credit Union

Ohio Credit Union League

Sherpa Technologies

OnGoing Operations


AdVantage Analytics

Heartland Credit Union Association


Affiliates Management Corp/Iowa
Credit Union League

CMFG Ventures

Illinois Service Corp/Illinois
Credit Union League

Variable Ventures

Open Technology Solutions

The Veridian Group/Veridian Credit Union

CUNA Strategic Services

California Nevada Credit Union League

Corporate Central / Emergifi

Cornerstone Credit Union League

Mountain West Credit Union Association